Darkhei Noam is an egalitarian, independent, partnership minyan that meets on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. They have weekly shabbat services on Saturday mornings and occasionally meet on Friday nights. They also meet for services for most holidays. They are a community of both families and young adults. The rates to become a member of the minyan are very reasonable, and the community seems open and joyful. 

Review By Jewishly: 

I visited Darkhei Noam after searching for independent minyans in Manhattan. Darkhei Noam is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is a Partnership Minyan. They recently started hosting Friday night services and I wanted to check them out. When I walked in, I was immediately welcomed by members of the community and people were kind and open. I felt very welcomed. This is exactly what I love about Independent Minyans. I was also invited to a shabbat meal which I really appreciated.

I was told by one of the community members that Darkhei Noam, while Modern Orthodox, is considered a “feminist” minyan. A women lead the Kabalat Shabbat service while a man lead Mariv. There was a good amount of singing during the service, but I was left wanting about 20% more spirit or ruach.

After services there was a lot of conversation in the community, and I would say about five people came up and talked to me afterwards. This had such a nice and inclusive feeling to it (again, what I love about independent minyans).

I would say my only feedback would be about members of the community (mostly people who identify as women) wearing pants to services. Since this community identifies as “feminist” and includes women in the services where it is possible, I thought wearing pants would be acceptable. Unfortunately, during services 3-4 women just stared at me, and after services a member of the community mentioned 3-4 times that I was wearing pants and that someone else had worn pants a few weeks ago. They seemed very taken with my pants. While I understand that perhaps I misjudged this aspect of the community, I have eyes and can clearly see that no other self-identified female is wearing pants.

Overall I would say that this community is friendly, open, and welcoming. The people who attend this independent minyan are clearly committed to the community. I would highly recommend a visit. My feedback to the community would be a little more spirit for the Friday night services and perhaps not judging a book by its pants.




150 West 85th Street
New York, NY 10024