Congregation Beth Elohim, also known as CBE, is a traditional reform Temple or Synagogue located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. CBE is an open and welcoming community that houses both Brooklyn Jews as well as Altshul. It has a large age range varying from young professionals to seasoned members of the Brooklyn Jewish Community. It is a very family-oriented community and includes young adults in its weekly services.

Reviewed By Jewishly 

Congregation Beth Elohim (CBE) is a Reform Synagogue/Temple located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It houses both the Alt Shul, a traditional minyan, as well as Brooklyn Jews, an egalitarian group of 20-and 30-somethings.

I have to give praise to CBE that they offer so many ways for people in the community to pray and be a part of this organization. I think this is a truly forward thinking and inclusive way of organizing a Jewish community.

I attended services at CBE for Neilah, the evening service on the last day of Yom Kippur. I know at Neilah everyone is tired and hungry and it can be very hot, but I felt the service was overly brief. I also felt that the Rabbi was doing more of a show than letting one of the most emotional services of the entire Jewish year stand on its own. The tunes for Neilah are deeply moving and beautiful, and I wish they had stood on their own more. I expect this service to be filled with deep singing and lamenting as we are closing out over 24 hours of praying and sacrificing as we purify ourselves. I was disappointed that this felt more like a performance.

I did like how they invited people onto the stage to blow the shofar and brought the community together in that way to close out the service. I would have liked the service more if it had focused on the spirituality and cleansing of the holiday. I think that this community would be more engaged and more open to learning if the leadership moved more towards being open-hearted and self- reflecting.

Overall this is a kind and welcoming group of people and I would recommend visiting CBE or one of its other communities. 


274 Garfield Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215