Romemu is a Jewish Renewal Synagogue that is located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. It prays in a traditional egalitarian style and is known for lively singing and dancing. The community is deeply spiritual and often groups join services that are from other cultures and religions. The community has a large age range from college students to seasoned members of the community.

Reviewed By Jewishly 

Romemu Synagogue is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is lead by Rabbi David. This synagogue is highly inclusive, open-hearted, and welcoming. Romemu classifies themselves as Jewish Renewal (  I would say it is a staple in the New York Jewish community.

This is one of my favorite places to pray in Manhattan. It is a truly great service where hundreds of people gather on a Friday night to sing and welcome in Shabbat. The singing is not only spiritual and inviting but feels brought forward by the heart. I often leave the services feeling like I have left my week behind me ready to have a peaceful and meaningful weekend.

People dance during services, and there is a chance to introduce yourself if you are new to the community. You don’t have to participate in anything you don’t want to. There is also a very large age range at Romemu as well as interfaith couples and people of different races/ethnicities/religions.

Romemu does not have a tot shabbat, but children are welcome and are often running around during services. Children are welcomed by the community.

Shabbat services have instruments and they do use electricity but the services are done in a mostly traditional context, and It is deeply spiritual.

One of my favorite things about this community is that Rabbi David gets evaluated each year on areas of personal improvement and how he is serving the community. He talked about it last year in his D’var Torah, and I found this idea of willingly welcoming feedback as the Rabbi astounding. It demonstrates how committed this community is to spirituality. If the Rabbi is willing to grow spiritually, then he is more prepared to help others do the same. To me this community not only walks the walk but talks the talk on spirituality and growth.

If I were to give any feedback I would say that the community is friendly and open, but I don’t find them overly easy to connect with or that they are the best about creating programs to connect as a community. The programs are mostly about connecting to Judaism which is amazing, but I think connecting to the community is the next step.


165 W 105th Street
New York, NY 10025