Rodeph Sholom is a Reform Synagogue, and its Chapel Minyan are located on the Upper West side of Manhattan in New York. This synagogue is very family-focused with a number of different children’s services every Saturday morning, making it very inclusive for children of all ages. Rodeph Sholom’s Chapel Minyan, which meets on the second floor, is more traditionally focused while still honoring its roots as a Reform synagogue.

Review By Jewishly

I visited Rodepth Sholom on a Saturday morning. I wasn’t sure where to go when I walked into the synagogue, and there was no member of the community there to ask, so I asked the security guard where to go. I didn’t know there was a Bar/Bat Mitzvah going on at the time so I went upstairs to the Minyan, which was hosted on the second floor. The room was very crowded, which was nice to see, but the door was hard to open and it was hard to find a seat.

From the website, Rodeph Sholom seems like they have great kids and family programming. I want to try going to one of their 20s and 30s events as well. Overall, I found the atmosphere to be friendly, but I wish they had a member of the community greeting people at the front door so visitors or new members knew where to go and what their options are. It seems like a welcoming community but perhaps they are not set up to welcome new members into the community.




7 West 83rd Street
New York, NY 10024