The Park Slope Jewish Center is a Conservative Synagogue located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It has a traditional style service, and is a very friendly and open community. The Park Slope Jewish Center thrives on community participation and lively singing.

Review By Jewishly: 

What I learned about this community after I visited is that they have one service a month that is really big and well-attended, while the the other Friday nights are quite sparse.

For a community with a rabbi and paid staff it seemed odd to me that on a Friday night they were not well organized enough or well-attended enough to even have a minyan (ten people).

The women leading services was a member of the community and she was really kind and sweet and brought a lot of heart to services. I think that for a community that I heard so much about, I was a little taken aback by there being 8 people at services.

It was surprising that the community had not planned to have staple members of the community there to welcome people and ensure there was a minyan. Perhaps on their website, they should mention how one shabbat a month is very large and the others are small and intimate.

My overall feeling of this community is that it has a great and loving feel, but seems to lack the direction or perhaps the leadership for a fully functioning Brooklyn Jewish community. I think this community has a lot of great assets to it. I wish it would pick a place to focus and execute.



1320 8th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215