Minyan Rimonim is an Independant Egalitarian Minyan located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York. Minyan Rimonim is located inside Ansche Chesed. The Minyan has a conservative and traditional feel to it, and the community is both kind and welcoming.

Review by Jewishly:

I attended Saturday morning services at Minyan Rimonim on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Minyan Rimonim is housed inside of Ansche Chesed. As soon as I walked in someone handed me a prayer book turned to the right page and welcomed me. There was an open spot to sit and someone said “hi” to me when I sat down. I felt immediately welcomed.

The service was a traditional conservative service as well as Egalitarian. I met three members while I was there, and had a very nice time. The service was lead by both men and women, and both men and women read from the Torah.

My only feedback for this community is the following: this is a sweet, kind, community where most people are singing and adding something to the services. I wish this community would consider opening itself up to more of New York and inviting in a younger crowd to help them grow. For such a kind place, it was a little mystifying to me that so few people were attending the service at this Upper West Side Minyan and that they were not more open and well known to the people that would want to join them. This Minyan has a lot to offer and I hope they consider becoming more of a mainstay to the New York Jewish Community.


251 West 100th Street
New York, NY 10025