Brooklyn Heights Synagogue is a Reform Temple or Synagogue located in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn Heights Synagogue is very family-focused and has a range of programs for children ages 2-5. This community is also very involved with social action and has a shelter in the synagogue during winter months.

Review By Jewishly: 

Brooklyn Heights Synagogue is a very welcoming community of Jews in Brooklyn. I found that the services had a mix of the traditional Hebrew and English liturgy. The Rabbi was very knowledgeable, and spoke and led services in a way that felt both inclusive and community oriented.

I found the D’var Torah or weekly teachings from the Rabbi to be way more in-depth and knowledgeable than I was anticipating. The D’var Torah was about what it means to be a Bar-mitzvah and the rabbi had a take on joining the community that I had not heard previously. It was about how this means stepping forward in the community. That being a Bar or Bat-mitzvah was about bringing the self forward and declaring the self as apart of the community. He went on to talk about how being the leader of services and counting as part of the ten men and women needed for prayer services was also important. I thought the latter part was a really nice breakdown for anyone in the community who wasn’t aware of how this works but also a really nice way to make this Bar-Mitzvah feel welcomed and now part of the community.

I wish that the members of the community had been a little more involved in services. They didn’t sing as loudly as I had hoped for and the cantor did most of the singing and leading. Overall, I would say that this is a very lovely reform community in Brooklyn and felt very welcoming.




131 Remsen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201