B’Nai Jeshurun is a traditional synagogue located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York. It has lively singing, an inclusive and passionate community of members, and is committed to being a spiritual leader in Judaism in Manhattan, New York. While the synagogue does not affiliate with a Jewish movement, you can expect it to be an intersection of Conservative and Reconstructionist Judaism while keeping with a traditional layout of the service.

Review By Jewishly: 

I attended services on a Saturday morning. After not being at this synagogue for 15 years, it was nice to get a refresher. Their community was very involved with the services. People really sang, really prayed, and really participated. It was nice to see a community that was so involved and created to address the needs of the community. I liked how there were different seating options. There is a main floor with seating that is a little more open and has a bit of an informal feel to it. Then there is also balcony seating that is a little more removed so if you feel like being a part of the community but perhaps having a little more space there is that option as well.

I found the D’var Torah (the weekly torah portion talk) to be not only deep and spiritual but well thought out, reflective, and personal. The person who gave it took it into her own life and used that as a reflection point. While that could have made the talk shallow and one sided, her personal story made it deep and reflective. I was really happy to see that, while the website of B’Nai Jeshurun stresses how committed they are to Torah study and spirituality, it was also reflected in how the clergy talked about Judaism as well. I can tell how much time this community puts into being spiritually awake and creating depth. I truly appreciated that.

I think that this community also does a great job of serving young families with children as well as its older members. I think that an area that would be interesting to dig deeper into is how to connect to the community that is in their 20s-40s that may be single or married but don’t have children yet. I think starting to create roots here will help insure that the community remains strong and grounded going forward. I know they have a 20s and 30s social group, but I am wondering if there are additional programs for this group.




257 West 88th Street
New York, NY 10024